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Han Solo
Han Solo


“Translation: the history of Star Wars” premiered in May of 2018 and was the second film derived from the universe of Star Wars. But unlike the others, is not necessarily success.

Long accumulated US $ 379 million in value below the production of a new crop of movies. For comparison, here are other box office of the saga that has been exceeded:

“Star Wars: The Force awakening” (2015) – USD 2,06 billion dollars

“Rogue One: history of the war of the stars” (2016) – US $ 1.05 million

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017) – $ 1.32 million

Poor performance in the cinema and the reviews are varied caused Disney to suspend temporarily the spin-offs of Star Wars. One of the most recurring negative comments on a solo adventure (pardon the pun) of a legendary character, is that it is very difficult to disassociate Han Solo, lived in a movie world [here] Harrison Ford the actor who explains that in the original versions.

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As if to answer the cries of fans, YouTube user ‘derpfakes’ launched on 15 October, the video with scenes from the “Turkish” with a simple modification: who is the star of this production network Ford from the 70’s. Below you can see the result.

Convincing? According to the creator, to change the faces of the actors, it was the photo of the Ford of the early 70’s. Time is previous to the first film of the saga “a new hope” (1977) – which makes sense, because the idea of the spin-off is to tell the character’s life before the events of the main series.

In addition to the “solo”, and other artists and celebrities have already given the Men starring in the videos of this channel. Nicolas Cage to Donald Trump, all created using a technique called “deepfake”.

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The origin of the term “deepfake” comes from the English words “Deep Learning” (“Deep Learning”) and “fake” (“false”). To understand this recent phenomenon, it is necessary to understand exactly what is deep learning.

“Deep learning” is the development of methodologies to improve the artificial intelligence. It should be from the “machine learning”. The concept that came with the first breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence, 50, I mean literally, you can put the computer in learning. The idea is to make the electronic brain the study of algorithms to understand how to read the data and make informed decisions. As if he saw himself in the film several times can play what you learned by doing an all-new story.

The technique gained new heights with the modern technologies and the large volume of data created by the internet or the so-called Big Data. A good example of the application of the program recommendations from Netflix. You can also choose movies and TV series that will last, the computer is trained to recognize on your taste. From there, everything changes on the product, the indicators of the films and serials to photo the cover of each production alternative, such as the user’s behavior.

Recently, the technique began to be used to build News and testimonials fake “deepfakes” themselves.

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Technology can bring us very good things. In the line of Star Wars, The use of computer graphics allowed, for example, that the character of Governor Tarkin (played by Peter Cushing, who died in 1994) appears in the “rogue”:

Han Solo
Han Solo

– (Lucas film/Disney/beauty on reading)

As not all flowers have a dark side. In 2017, whoever started a flurry of fake videos was the user forum Reddit that in 2017, ligencia-artificial—used-to-create-a-porn-with-celebrities/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’noopener’>create a programme of “deep learing” that allows the user to switch the face of an actress porn by the month. Program analysis of thousands of photos actresses, models singers to create a default cover for each one. After that it was just a game video that you want and the movie starring whoever he is.

From there, the business desandou. An example of the fight against fake news, I didn’t take the actual campaigns that alertassem how easy it was to create manipulations of the type – and what are the risks of this. In April 2018, BuzzFeed released a video that filmmaker Jordan Peele (who estrou movies such as “run” and “the Black Tiger”) enters the skin and in the ex-president of the United States, Barack Obama. Worth a warning of what may come.

Han Solo
Han Solo

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